An inspiring and moving new piece of theatre telling stories from around the world of human trafficking – and those who fight against it.

The It’s Not Fair’ is a collection of tales taken from all over the world.

It takes us on a journey from the cocoa farms of the Ivory Coast… to the dingy bars of the back streets of Thailand… behind the respectable facade of a London home… and into the offices of an anti-trafficking organisation – who are making a difference, one person at a time…

Luka just wants to earn enough money to buy a bike… Maria wants to take care of her family… Alisha doesn’t have a choice…‘

Using a unique blend of theatre, storytelling and music, the performance brings these stories to life in an entertaining, powerful and moving way…

A way that informs… but also inspires…

A way that raises awareness of the problems, but also brings hope…

“Brilliant and sensitive, subtle and clever. Hugely informative”

Buxton Theatre Festival 

“Extraordinarily moving. Nothing will prepare you for such a

powerful message being told in such an engaging manner by two

actors who employ every tool of their craft.”

Ashley Hardingham, Senior Pastor, Altrincham Baptist Church

"The script was so brilliantly written that the audience and actors felt the gravity of each situation together. "

"No lecture could have impacted so much, amazing performances, such a powerful event."

"...left the audience speechless and humbled, no doubt with a new understanding of the injustices in our world."